Not fast. But not slow either.

There hasn’t been as much time to practice lately, but I’m still working on it.  I installed a Rim Edge thumb rest and it has made a big difference.  That’s the “gas pedal” I am referencing in the video.

However, I intend to replace it with the Striplin Custom Gas Pedal.  I’ll post pictures of each of them and a full review once I have the new one installed.

I’ve also ordered a Tandemkross Game Changer compensator, a light weight firing pin, and an upgraded extractor.

I’m doing my best to take video as I go so that I can see my improvement.  Or lack thereof…whichever it turns out to be.  So far things are moving in the right direction.  The goal here is for me to get better and perform better in competitions.  Placing well is nice, but the real objective is to keep getting faster.

Here’s where I am now, which isn’t where I want to be but is definitely better than I was doing a couple months ago.

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